Cool eBay Find #110

The Jaguar XJS has long been regarded as a bit of a flop after being promised as a replacement to the e-type. Now however, people are starting to realise that these are actually good cars that drive and perform nicely. I own a 4.0 auto myself as a daily driver and enjoy it quite a lot, it’s comfortable, fairly fast and handles better than you would think too. I’ve also got a couple of 3.6 manual projects, only one of which I’ve driven. The manual gearbox makes a huge difference to how these cars drive though, allowing you greater control and providing a more involving experience. The manual feels a lot more rapid too. There are quite a few projects like this one surfacing now, especially on eBay. People are waking up to the fact they’re worth money and are pulling them out of every field they can find. The market will flood if enough are found and prices may drop a little, but don’t let that put you off of buying one, they’re well worth it. This find certainly is a project and there isn’t much in the description apart from the seller stating as such and other usual eBay declarations so anyone interested should go and view before bidding, though at around £500 can you really go wrong?

Cool eBay Find #110


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