Cool eBay Find #112

I would love for Porsche to build another 944, and I don’t think it would really impinge on the success of the Boxster/Cayman duo, as it would be a front engined car and could potentially be priced a little cheaper too. It would be a beautiful thing, just like this 944 Turbo is. All classic Porsche prices are on the rise at the moment but anything with a Turbo badge is really soaring. The 944 Turbo is certainly no exception. This looks like a really cheap car so far and low mileage too at just over £100k. The problem with it is that was an insurance loss in 2005 which knocks the value a lot. Saying that the current owner has apparently spent £10k on it in under two years with things like an engine out repaint, Turbo overhaul, stainless exhaust and much more. More than that they’ve been brave enough to use it as a daily driver, which I think is fantastic. The car hasn’t been used since August though when it was taken on a 2,500 mile trip around France where the aircon packed up. The owner suggests you budget for a service and sorting the air con but apart from that the car is in very good condition. Even with the insurance marker by bidding finger is itching. £5,100 certainly isn’t a bad deal.

Cool eBay Find #112


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