Auction Spot #2

COYS are a very well known name in the classic car market, and have been auctioning any desirable cars for decades. Their next auction is tomorrow (Tues. 17th October 2017) in London with some nice cars on offer and even some reasonable guides too! My first pick for this auction is the very first lot, a Renault Alpine GTA Turbo with a guide of only £7,500 to £10,000, which sounds very cheap to me. With this 1988 car is a turbo model and produces 200hp, with the standard model producing 160hp, so thats quite an improvement. Apparently this RHD model comes from a private collection and is in good condition throughout. The Diablo Red paintwork is in good condition and shows little sign of its age, which is always a nice thing. These cars are nice to drive (though I haven’t had a chance to have a go in a Turbo model just yet), and provide a very mechanical experience. The only problem is if you’re tall you will headbutt the top of the windscreen if you brake hard.

Auction Spot #2


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