Auction Spot #3

This is another lot from the COYS auction, though this time it is a very low mileage Alfa Romeo Spider. A 1989 car with under 28,000 miles on the clock is a pretty impressive thing, and the car looks to be in good condition too, so hopefully it didn’t break down in the 90s and get left in a garage all of this time. The car is presented with a history folder that includes every MOT since 1994 and apparently the current owners have been fastidious with that paperwork for this car. The car also comes with its original factory hard top which can be something of a rarity. The car has also recently undergone a major service by an Alfa Romeo specialist so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about there. The guide is £8k-£12k and I don’t think you could go wrong on this car for that money, whether you want to use it on nice weekends or keep it in a garage and make money in a few years time.

Auction Spot #3


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