Cool eBay Find #116

If you follow any kind of car/eBay pages on social media then you may well have seen this car already. According to the listing it’s been built for a new TV show (in fact there have been a few listings like it this week) and is being sold off. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this one because the aesthetic isn’t great, it would look better with an X-pack kit, less offensive wheels and getting rid of that grille cover, but then I suppose it wouldn’t get any attention. I had a little bid when it was cheaper but now the listing has disappeared and all of the bids have been deleted. Weird. Perhaps they’ve sold it but I hope not, it would be good to see what it goes for. It’s got all the basics though, it’s fitted with a 2017 Mustang V8 and a manual Tremec five speed gearbox, lots of fun. The interior looks pretty good too and the aesthetics are somewhat updated. Maybe it will reappear but we shall have to wait and see!

Cool eBay Find #116


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