Auction Spot #15

I’ve posted before about how great I think the Porsche 944 S2 is and how Porsche should definitely make another one (hint hint Porsche, though you’ll never see this I’m sure). This one is being auctioned by Silverstone Auctions at their annual Porsche Sale and looks to be in good condition, though the interior colour is perhaps a little lairy (though photos can be a bit deceiving too). I think the guide of £14,000-£18,000 is quite high for one of these but perhaps that is to offset the fact that this is a ‘No Reserve’ lot so it could be a real steal on the day. What is really helping the price of this car is the fact that it has only covered 63,000 miles since new, which is a really rare thing for a 944 as their mileages normally average above 120k miles. I’d be very tempted by this one myself.

Auction Spot #15


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