Auction Spot #16

Sometimes a car really appeals to me because it has a ‘stealth’ appeal to it, and this 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Sport Coupe definitely fits that bill – you can just imagine it slipping along the streets after dusk (odd I know). Its got a guide price of £30k-£35k not including the 15% buyer’s premium and then the 20% VAT on that premium too which all adds up very fast. The car was bought by its current UK owner in 2012 who then exported the car to Cyprus where it was maintained by a local Porsche specialist for the next four years. Approximately 10 years ago the car was stripped to bare metal and resprayed in its original car, though the rest of the car remains mostly original with the only other changes being wheel spacers and a non original radio. The car has covered roughly 114,000 miles from new which does mean that that price is high for what this is, but it also means that this is a car that you could drive as much as you wanted and enjoy it fully. It is a beautiful car and would make a fantastic purchase for anyone who has never owned a Porsche.

Auction Spot #16


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