Internet Find #61

This is something a little interesting, its not often that you see a car that has been built to look like a caricature. The wheels on this car are simply monstrous in comparison to the size of the car. This Cheetah Coupe GT is a continuation of the original car and was authorised by the original creator, Bill Thomas. The car was built in 2004 by BTM of Arizona, but the car is factory fresh and unused according to the vendor. The original car has a fantastic story behind it and its a shame that they were never built in higher numbers. This 700kg car boasts 450hp+ V8 which I would imagine adds up to a terrifying effect and something of a handful too. For £85,000 you could buy this tiny little monster and I reckon it would be money well spent, you just don’t see cars like this.

Internet Find #61


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