Auction Spot #24

I didn’t know that Brightwells had an auction today so these auction finds may be a little last minute again. I’ve decided to start off with this lovely Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce, as its right at the top of the list and I have a soft spot for Alfa 105s. The listing actually gives some interesting back story to this body shape, apparently it was styled in under two months by a 22 year old, thats no mean feat. Apparently this car has spent most of its life in South Africa which means it should be solid and mostly rot free, the car was imported in February 2016 and was in good shape but needed some sprucing up. The body was restored and repainted, the gearbox rebuilt, a new front grille fitted along with a whole host of other upgrades. The car looks great and comes with its original set of wheels, though I think it looks pretty fantastic on the set in the photos. This could be potentially  a cheap car with a guide of £17,000-£20,000. They drive beautifully and are always sure to be a hit when you come to sell it.

Auction Spot #24


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