Cool eBay Find #132

I think that sometimes Maserati can be very overlooked in the Automotive world, they’ve produced some fantastic cars and personally I think the values of some older models are well below what they should be.  I saw this 2005 Gransport and was a little wowed, it’s nice to see one of these that isn’t silver or black, and it looks fantastic in this colour. Scrolling through the photos it gets better and better until you get to the grey interior. Why any manufacturer ever made a grey interior is completely beyond me, I haven’t seen one yet that looks good. This car needs a black or cream interior and then it would be perfect. I’ve been questioning whether I could actually get past the grey interior and I probably could, but it would take a while. Looking through the listings there are also many examples that are more expensive than this £25k example, so maybe it isn’t a bad deal (even if you’re going to have inevitable ‘Italian car’ expenditure). 

Cool eBay Find #132


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