Auction Spot #25

If you’ve read other posts on this blog then I’m sure by now that you’ve realised that I am a big fan of Lotus and a Europa in this colour is a certain hit. They may not be the best looking car that Lotus has made but they certainly are eye catching and interesting. This one doesn’t look at all expensive either with a guide price of £13,000-£15,000 at Brightwell’s auction this Wednesday. This car was delivered to its first owner in 1971 as a part built kit to avoid the ‘purchase tax’. Most of the major components came ready assembled and it only took the owner 9 hours to assemble the car. The car comes with some nice period photos of it along with its original bill of sale for just under £1,600. The car was raced and sprinted by its owner over the next few years before a decline in use after the vehicle was left outside and its condition deteriorated. The car was bought in 2007 by the second (and current) owner who completely stripped the car and rebuilt to a high specification. If you’re in the market for one then you should go and look at this, it sounds like a fantastic little car.

Auction Spot #25


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