Auction Spot #26

A classic Mercedes can be a lovely thing, especially when it looks as good as this R107 300SL does. It certainly isn’t the cheapest R107 that I’ve seen with a guide price of £17,000-£20,000 but if its as clean as it appears then it certainly isn’t a bad price, plus the colour certainly helps it along. Out of the range I would be inclined to purchase a 300,350 or 500 for no other reason than those are the numbers that appeal to me the most. The lighter 300/350 is rumoured to handle better while the 500 has the grunt perfect for motorway cruising. This car has had five owners and has good paperwork, including service history up to 90,000 miles by Mercedes Medway, after which it was serviced at Mercedes specialists and now stands at just over 115k miles. In 2014 the car was treated to a high quality repaint with a photo album to complement the history folder. This looks like a lovely summer cruiser and is surely only going up in price, and no garage is complete without a red convertible Mercedes is it?

Auction Spot #26


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