Auction Spot #27

This 1926 Morris Oxford ‘Bullnose’ is 60 years older than the last auction spot (a Mercedes R107 300SL) and looks to be in just as lovely a condition, which is impressive for a 91 year old car. This particular car was built in the last year of Bullnose production in 1926 and features a 1802cc 13.9hp 14/28 engine. Most of the paperwork with the car is more recent, with evidence of the car being stripped down to its bare chassis in 1985 and rebuilt, with photographs taken at the time. The current owner bought the car in 2015 and has spent considerable time and money improving the car to its current high standard. For £12k-£14k this is a very sweet little car that would be welcome at a variety of classic events and a sure hit with other road users.

Auction Spot #27


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