Auction Spot #29

So this isn’t technically a vehicle, but it is an engine, so it counts. I’ve been thinking of how incredible it would be to use an engine just like this as the heart of a project. But finding one and finding a very old Rolls-Royce chassis proves to be very difficult. The Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 is an incredible engine that was used in the likes of the Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber and Hawker Hunter. Power started off at 1,000hp before being upped to 2,000hp (2,600hp for special versions!). This particular engine has been in a museum exhibition since the 1950s when it was retired in running condition, but there is no knowing what it is like inside now. There is a good back up service for the Merlin engine though it is important to note that this engine is not sold with a certificate of airworthiness. £13,000-£16,000 for the engine doesn’t seem too bad, if anyone knows of a ’30s-’40s Rolls-Royce/Bentley chassis let me know!

Auction Spot #29


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