Cool eBay Find #135

Oops, it’s another Porsche, I guess I should give up now. But it is a bargain. Under £600 for most of a 928! You’d have to find an interior and probably a lot of other parts but I’ve seen worse cars sell for more if this is as solid as it appears to be. I would love to get one of these and restomod it with the engine from a new Cayenne Turbo S, it would be incredible. Apparently the engine turns over but doesn’t run, so there is that too. Originally it was light blue (currently in primer) with a sunroof. If you were going to restore this car to the original specs you’d have to get a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity to clarify what it is supposed to look like. Made me chuckle that the listing says it needs an ‘interior refurb’….perhaps it needs a little more than that.

Cool eBay Find #135


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