Cool eBay Find #138

Isn’t it great when you’re able to buy a car that is completely incredible but know you won’t lose a huge amount of money on it because other people already have? This Mercedes CL600 must have had an original list price close to five times the value of the current asking price of £22,000, though the bid price is lower at £14,100. According to the listing the owner thinks this is one of the best cars he’s ever owned, and that includes Ferraris and Bentleys. He also says that the CL600 model was only build between 2007 and 2009 and there could have been less than 70 produced, which if true would make this incredibly rare and worth sitting on for a couple of decades. After reading on through the listing the car actually had a list price of over £140k! This is a real continent crusher that you could just keep and enjoy, plus if you put a private plate on it no one would guess that it’s a 10 year old car.

Cool eBay Find #138


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