Auction Spot #33

I’ve featured MG Bs before, and I will continue to champion them as a classic car that everyone can access. They’re cheap, fun, cheerful and nice to look at, what more could you want when you’re buying your first classic? This one actually looks quite like one I’ve already got, though mine is red and in much worse condition….so perhaps not so similar then. This car has also been upgraded under its current ownership (13 years), including a 5 speed gearbox (probably good if you want to use motorways more comfortably), fully adjustable front suspension, parabolic rear springs, electronic ignition, alternator Kenlowe fan, unleaded head, stainless steel exhaust, new leather front seats, Motolita steering wheel, and webasto sunroof. Thats quite some expenditure if you hadn’t guessed, and all of it makes this a more useable day to day car. For the guide of £3,000-£3,750 this looks like a real bargain to me.

Auction Spot #33


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