Cool eBay Find #139

It’s been ages since I posted a Beach Buggy and now is probably not the time to sell one, this one was in a suggested feed and I only clicked on it because I thought the wheels were cool, but then I read the description and realised the power figure that this little car is putting out. 296hp and 370Nm is a huge amount of power for something that weighs as little as this car does. The car was built as a dragster/track car, though the owner says he’s been using it on the road. It’s not currently UK registered but this car has to be well worth getting tangled up in DVLA paperwork with. It’s currently bid up to only £2k!!! That is so cheap for any beach buggy let alone one with the specs that this has and the amount of money that must have been spent to build it.

Cool eBay Find #139


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