Internet Find #70

Once again I was scrolling through the listing online and was wowed, this time by a stunning Fiat Dino, which I can’t remember seeing before. This LHD Fiat Dino Spider Series II has only covered 50,000 miles and apparently the 2.0 V6 ‘sings beautifully’. The car was imported to Dublin, Ireland in 2004 by its current owner. Also in the current ownership period the car has received the following maintenance:

2005 Fuel tank and header tank was refurbished.
2005 Distributor Fibre base replaced, both timing chains have been replaced, and the spring loaded tensioners were modified to prevent slipping (a recommended mod). Head gaskets were replaced at the same time.
2006 Water pump replaced.
2007 Wiper blades replaced.
2010 Oil pump upgraded to a 2.4l capacity to boost oil pressure at low revs (another recommended mod).
2010 Engine mounts replaced.
2011 Valve clearances adjusted with new shims.
2011 Outer track rods replaced and 4 wheel laser alignment completed 2014 Fuel regulator and filter replaced.
2014 Master Clutch Cylinder and Slave cylinder replaced.
2014 Starter motor refurbished
2015 Headers wrapped in insulation wrap.
2015 Oil pressure sender guage replaced.
2016 Valve clearances and timing chain tensions were re-adjusted
and the car has been driven for less than 250 km since then.
2016 New battery.
2016 The three dual choke Weber 40DCNF Carbs were rebuilt
Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Rear differential oil changed and coolant replaced in Dec 2016.
New tyres added in Dec 2016 and new custom exhausts added in Jan 2017.

Apparently there is a little evidence of earlier accident damage being repaired but only when put under intense scrutiny, though I’m sure if you were to restore the car you could correct it, but perhaps its just worth driving it and enjoying it instead. Its listed for €115,000, and there is another (but restored) LHD model for £175,000 for sale elsewhere too, so apparently this is a good deal!

Internet find #70


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