Crazy prices at ACA

I go to a lot of auctions, and I’m not unused to some cars going for extraordinary prices, but today at Anglia Car Auctions was a whole new level. The auction started off with a huge crowd (though not as many cars as usual) but that crowd didn’t last all the way through. Personally I think the auctioneer was running the bid up on quite a few cars, though I could be wrong. The cars that did get bids, however, were going for some very high prices. This Porsche 911 went for over double its top reserve, selling for £29,500 before commission, and the guide was £10k-£15 (I wouldn’t have paid more than £7.5). The car was rotten all the way through and will need a huge amount of work, time and money to put right. If you look at the photos you can even see that the fuel cap has dropped from being so rusted.

The other car that went for huge money was a 1978 Range Rover three-door that had a guide of £4k-£6k (and I was planning to bid on it) that sold for over £15,000! It needs a new roof as near the front of the driver’s door it was dented so much it had cracked the skin and that was one of many things. The car even failed an MOT in 2015 and hasn’t been on the road since. I’ll post a walk around video of the auction on Monday so you can see all of the cars there, especially since there were a couple of special ones!


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