Auction Spot #45

This weekend is the first Morris Leslie Classic Auction of 2018, and there are certainly some cool cars up for grabs, but you will have to travel for them. I travel up to Scotland for most of their auctions and have always enjoyed it (ok the whole airport bit isn’t the best), but the drive up from Edinburgh has always been lovely with great views and nice clear roads. The first car I’ve chosen to feature from their auction on Saturday is this Mercedes S600L – its not the most desirable car in the lot list but it is something of a bargain when you consider that you could buy a tech-laden V12 super saloon for around £10k. It won’t be a cheap car to run but it will afford you the sort of luxury and style that never goes out of fashion. The photos aren’t great (as ever) but it only reinforces that it is always important to go and view a car before bidding on it. As a tip if you go up to the viewing day on Friday Morris Leslie will be happy to start the car up for you and let you have a listen, as will most other auction houses.

Auction Spot #45



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