Cool eBay Find #152

Find #152 is this incredibly cool MK2 Ford Escort X-Pack with quite a twist. Everyone has seen these cars in RS2000 form or with a Cosworth YB engine packing a lot more power but it is very rare to see one with a V8 – something that is sure to send purists into a spin. This car is a genuine RS2000 too, not a dressed up base model, which helps to go some way to justifying the £28,000 asking price (it was originally listed for £30k!). The car is fitted with an LS1 V8 and a Tremec six speed manual gearbox and the listing features a whole host of upgrades that the car has received and a well rounded specification sheet too. The part I like is that this isn’t a standard X-Pack kit but more of an X-Pack + as it is wider than an original kit (probably a good thing). This car looks pretty special in Ford Frozen White and it will make for a special car for someone when those finishing touches have been taken care of.

Cool eBay Find #152


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