Cool eBay Find #155: Clio Williams 2

Hot hatches can be among the most fun cars that you can drive. Cheap, cheerful, fast and with huge amounts of character there isn’t a lot that can beat them in the ‘fun’ category. I’ve always been a fan of fast Renaults too and this Clio Williams is no exception. This one comes in project form and does have a fair bit of rust along with being high mileage for one of these. That hasn’t stopped the bidding from reaching £2,350 with just over a day to go. The car has been off the road since 2015 so you can expect that it will need some mechanical work including a service and some other fettling to get it through an MOT. The owner says the car starts and drives well and has had five previous owners. The interior is reportedly in good condition. The rear arches and lower part of the doors have started to rust and will need attention so budget for that. For me the mileage is a little bit high but for a cheap entry into a rare hot hatch this could be a great little car someone, and you could drive it as much as you liked too. You can check out the full listing by following the link below, but don’t forget it ends tomorrow!

Cool eBay Find #155


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