Cool eBay Find #156: 1972 Porsche 911 3.0 RS Homage

This super cool modified Porsche 911 3.0 RS homage has been on my watchlist from the moment it was listed, and I even had a little bid on it when it was much, much cheaper. There is just something about this car that I really like, perhaps the fact that the all white paintwork gives it the appearance of a blank canvas race car or the extensive list of modifications the owner has undertaken with love and care over their 10 years of ownership.

Originally this was a 911 2.4 E sportomatic, which is now a very sought after model with prices reaching above £100,000, though it was modified in the 80s to be a Turbo lookalike by AutoFarm, so that sting is a little less sharp. The listing is full of information about the car and it is evident that it will be missed by the current owner (who is selling to fund buying a house). Another nice touch is the videos included in the listing, I’ve added one below too. The car is apparently full of character and I can quite believe it. Follow the link below to read the full listing, which ends tonight.

Cool eBay Find #156



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