Auction Spot #55

This spot has no photos on the listing, but it is one that is well worth reading. When I think of ‘Turbo’ I often think ‘Porsche’ quite soon after. This is a 911 Turbo (996) which is presented with incredibly low mileage. The 996 has grown on me over recent years and the Turbo model especially. The fact that this car has only covered 22,000 miles is quite impressive, as we’re often used to seeing cars with four or five times that figure coming to auction (or more). This is a manual car too, which is a positive for me personally. The car also comes with the ‘X50’ Factory Performance Upgrade Package which is a highly regarded option and well sought after as it increases the power to 450bhp by using different turbos, intercoolers, a tuned ECU and a reinforced gearbox. The original owner also specified the factory AeroKit body styling which can transform a silver car like this one into something much more special. There isn’t much this car doesn’t come with, though I would imagine the new owner won’t drive it all that much either. The car is presented with a guide of £55,000 – £60,000, and I don’t think that is unreasonable either. You can view the original listing (without photos) by following the link below.

Auction Spot #55


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