Auction Spot #61: Lamborghini Urraco

The Urraco is probably one of the least known Lamborghinis, it wasn’t all that popular when it was produced and is now quite rare, with only 205 P300 examples like this one being built. This 1976 example produces 265hp from its 3.0 V8 and is good for 160mph, not bad for a 2+2 if you ask me. Black on black isn’t the most inspired choice of colour for a Lamborghini but perhaps that is a good thing, as this car will slip along the road a little bit under the radar and will have people guessing as to what it is when they do see it. The £60k-£70k guide doesn’t seem unfair considering how hard pushed you would be to find another one (the only other I’ve seen in the past year was a barn find condition car for £25k that didn’t even make it to the auction). Perhaps this could be a nice alternative to the usual suspects of e-types and 911s that have saturated the classic car market in recent years. You can check out the full listing for the car by following the link below.

Auction Spot #61


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