Cool eBay Find #157: Mercedes 600 SEL

Now this generation of Mercedes S-Class/CL certainly isn’t the prettiest they ever produced, but it does have its charms and it has double glazed windows which is a nice surprise the first time you open the door on one. These cars are also packed with technology that is still only just filtering down and are gloriously comfortable. This one was left on a gentleman’s driveway for 20 years before being reconditioned and resprayed and is not up for auction with just over a day left and the bid price at just over £2,000 which sounds like a bargain for me, especially when it has a V12 engine (thats less than £200 per cylinder at the moment). For me the colour is perhaps a bit drab though it would make for a lovely car for travelling long distances. You could either sit this up in a nice warm, dry garage and wait for it to appreciate or make it into a wide arched version with split rims and deep blue/black paintwork to make it into a much meaner sort of Mercedes which suits this generation (and generations before) so well. Undoubtably the car will have niggles that need fixing and they’re not cheap to run, but this is quite a special car if you look past its slightly unfortunate looks. You can check out the original listing by following the link below, but don’t forget, the auction ends tomorrow!

Cool eBay Find #157


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