Cool eBay Find #158: Porsche 924 Turbo Project

Front engined Porsches are starting to get the recognition that we all know they deserved, and if you can find one with a ‘Turbo’ badge then you really could be in the money. This find is in pretty poor condition and is a bit strongly priced personally, but it does come with a spare parts car that you could really have some fun with as a second project. The 924 is one of the more unloved Porsches of the moment, but the 924 Turbo is still worth buying as they are starting to appreciate and are supposed to be plenty of fun to drive too. The starting bid is £4,500 and for that you get the two project cars (the Turbo hasn’t been driven in around 5 years). I’d go and have a look before bidding to see exactly what my money would be getting me and even perhaps try and bid the owner down a bit to see how cheaply I could get them. I’m currently wondering just how much work that Turbo would take to get it running and driving.

Cool eBay Find #158


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