Cool eBay find #162

Porsche prices seem to have dropped of late (at least for SCs and 3.2 Carreras), and that means there are some bargains to be had for anyone who is interested in looking. It also seems that plenty of 911 sellers had planned for their car to be a ‘keeper’ but are selling it because of unexpected circumstances. This little SC looks to be in quite tidy condition and well loved, with a nice colour really helping it to look quite special. The pascha seats aren’t to everyone’s taste but they’re a cool period feature and can sometimes benefit from a deep clean to really bring them back to their best. The car’s history folder shows no signs of past engine work though there is invoices for a ‘minor’ gearbox rebuild, so the car is in good driving condition. Its recently been fitted with a new exhaust and upgraded silencer that apparently grumbles nicely with a few pops and bangs when pressed. The owner notes a couple of small points of rust in a couple of areas but nothing too troubling, and the new MOT with no advisories seems to confirm that – with the owner also noting that there seems to be no signs of welding to the underside. The car has a starting bid of £25,000 (reserve not met) and no bids on it either, which almost seems surprising. Maybe someone is in for a bargain…

Cool eBay find #162

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