YouTube #8

Its another Harry’s Garage video, and another car that I absolutely love. This Mercedes SL600 is a rare car now, and something of a monster. I would absolutely love to own one of these, though with the way their prices are going that probably won’t happen.


YouTube #7

I was at Brands Hatch on Sunday when this race took place, and was in the pits when it actually happened, and was therefore quite close to see the aftermath that included the doors being cut off, Rod Birley extracted on stretcher and what was left of the car being collected up. I was quite surprised so see so many people trying to photograph him at a point that no one even knew if he was conscious or how seriously injured he was. I was also surprised to see people letting their young children watch what was quite an unpleasant scene, though perhaps they were just shocked to see it so up close. Rod is something of a legend at Brands, with hundreds of race wins to his name in that Escort Cosworth, and hopefully we’ll see him back on track soon.

Internet Find #76

I find that quite a lot of classic cars can be an ongoing project, as there is always something that needs doing or that you want to do. The owner of this Cadillac Coupe DeVille describes it as a reliable rolling project that you can use and improve upon. I think it looks pretty special, and just look at all of that chrome work! Depending on how you like your car you could also modify it or hot rod it.

Internet Find #76

Fireworks at Brands Hatch


I spent yesterday at Brands Hatch watching the truck racing, and while I didn’t film the racing (unfortunately) I did get the fireworks and also the Truck Parade (that I will post later). This was a fantastic event and I strongly recommend that you go and watch these trucks race, it truly is amazing.

BTRC Truck Parade at Brands Hatch

After a great day of racing we got to see the track full of all different sorts of trucks for the truck parade. I know my footage is a little dark but you do get to hear and see (the lights) of all of these incredible trucks. This was a great event and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Anglia Car Auctions – November 2017

Here you can watch my walk around video of this month’s classic car auction at ACA. I didn’t manage to catch all of the cars but there were some special ones there, and some pretty ridiculous prices too!