Silverstone Auctions at the NEC – November 2017

It was nice to walk around at Silverstone Auction’s sale at the NEC this weekend, plenty of great cars on offer and some real beauties that I would love to have bought.


Anglia Car Auctions – November 2017

Here you can watch my walk around video of this month’s classic car auction at ACA. I didn’t manage to catch all of the cars but there were some special ones there, and some pretty ridiculous prices too!

Crazy prices at ACA

I go to a lot of auctions, and I’m not unused to some cars going for extraordinary prices, but today at Anglia Car Auctions was a whole new level. The auction started off with a huge crowd (though not as many cars as usual) but that crowd didn’t last all the way through. Continue reading “Crazy prices at ACA”

COYS ‘Spirit of Motoring’ October 2017

I went to the ‘Spirit of Motoring’ sale yesterday evening which featured a lot of my first Auction Spots and it was great to see them all in the flesh and see what they sold for. The yellow Ferrari auction spot wasn’t at the auction as it was withdrawn until the December auction. The auction wasn’t hugely attended but there were buyers online and on the phones. There were some real bargains including a couple of Ferrari 355s that sold for around £50k each, which is a lot less than you’ll find them for sale online. A few cars didn’t sell but a full list should be available on the Coys website soon.


Jaguar XK140 Restoration Project at Historics

There was one car that I felt was worthy of its own video at the most recent Historics auction at the Brooklands Museum and that was this Jaguar XK140 restoration project. I don’t believe it sold at the auction and it would be a simply huge project for anyone looking to purchase it but I couldn’t help but feel it had character to it, and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I hope that one day I get to see this car after its been restored as that would be absolutely fantastic.

CCA auction – September 2017

This is a walk around video from the CCA auction last month, which I attended instead of Brooklands (my mistake). There were some lovely cars on offer (and some really shoddy ones too), and prices went high for quite a few cars. My highlight for the auction was the Lasagna that I had for lunch, I love it when there is a proper cafe/restaurant on offer.

Historics at Brooklands – September 2017

Here is a walk around of the Historics Auction from last month, I meant to post this a while ago but didn’t get round to it. There were some awesome cars at this auction and some real bargains too – a Ferrari Mondial sold for a bid price of just £20k! That particular car was very low mileage example in very good condition, I saw a ratty one with high mileage sell for a lot more at the CCA auction on the same day. My favourite item in the sale was the Renault truck that was owned by Enzo Ferrari’s mother and was used to transport him around the countryside as a child. It started at a bid of £1k with no reserve and sold for over £30k to a dealer!