Auction Spot #51

I do like a car that is a bit of a project, and I like it even more if said car is now an appreciating modern classic like this Mercedes 500 SEC is. The guide of just £2000-£3000 tells me that there has to be a few things wrong with it even though there is no description so no mention of an MOT or its failures (easily googleable). Continue reading “Auction Spot #51”


Cool eBay Find #152

Find #152 is this incredibly cool MK2 Ford Escort X-Pack with quite a twist. Everyone has seen these cars in RS2000 form or with a Cosworth YB engine packing a lot more power but it is very rare to see one with a V8 – something that is sure to send purists into a spin. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #152”

Fireworks at Brands Hatch


I spent yesterday at Brands Hatch watching the truck racing, and while I didn’t film the racing (unfortunately) I did get the fireworks and also the Truck Parade (that I will post later). This was a fantastic event and I strongly recommend that you go and watch these trucks race, it truly is amazing.

BTRC Truck Parade at Brands Hatch

After a great day of racing we got to see the track full of all different sorts of trucks for the truck parade. I know my footage is a little dark but you do get to hear and see (the lights) of all of these incredible trucks. This was a great event and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Crazy prices at ACA

I go to a lot of auctions, and I’m not unused to some cars going for extraordinary prices, but today at Anglia Car Auctions was a whole new level. The auction started off with a huge crowd (though not as many cars as usual) but that crowd didn’t last all the way through. Continue reading “Crazy prices at ACA”

Auction Spot #37

Since Porsche reintroduced a proper Targa back into the 911 range the older ones seem to have become all the rage, and I’ll admit I’m happy to join in with that, I think that they are great. Continue reading “Auction Spot #37”