Silverstone Auctions at the NEC – November 2017

It was nice to walk around at Silverstone Auction’s sale at the NEC this weekend, plenty of great cars on offer and some real beauties that I would love to have bought.


Fireworks at Brands Hatch


I spent yesterday at Brands Hatch watching the truck racing, and while I didn’t film the racing (unfortunately) I did get the fireworks and also the Truck Parade (that I will post later). This was a fantastic event and I strongly recommend that you go and watch these trucks race, it truly is amazing.

BTRC Truck Parade at Brands Hatch

After a great day of racing we got to see the track full of all different sorts of trucks for the truck parade. I know my footage is a little dark but you do get to hear and see (the lights) of all of these incredible trucks. This was a great event and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Crazy prices at ACA

I go to a lot of auctions, and I’m not unused to some cars going for extraordinary prices, but today at Anglia Car Auctions was a whole new level. The auction started off with a huge crowd (though not as many cars as usual) but that crowd didn’t last all the way through. Continue reading “Crazy prices at ACA”

Auction Spot #37

Since Porsche reintroduced a proper Targa back into the 911 range the older ones seem to have become all the rage, and I’ll admit I’m happy to join in with that, I think that they are great. Continue reading “Auction Spot #37”

Auction Spot #25

If you’ve read other posts on this blog then I’m sure by now that you’ve realised that I am a big fan of Lotus and a Europa in this colour is a certain hit. They may not be the best looking car that Lotus has made but they certainly are eye catching and interesting. Continue reading “Auction Spot #25”

Auction Spot #12

This spot is another American beauty (I can’t help it the American auction is ending today on Catawiki). The photos for this are pretty good and help to show just how ridiculous that rear overhang is, its just fantastic and really shows the era that this car was built in. Continue reading “Auction Spot #12”