Cool eBay Find #151

This find isn’t a bargain and it isn’t another car you could just drive away after you’ve bought it, and it certainly isn’t a small project. This monster 1941 Cadillac Series 64 Fastback is just waiting to be made beautiful again, and you can see that this once was a truly lovely looking car. Personally I think 1941 brought many beautiful American cars and they drive in a lovely way too. You could either restore this car to stock, hot rod it, or rat rod it, though to me ratrodding this beauty would be a great waste. It’s £12,500 so it isn’t the cheapest American project you can find for sale, but just imagine completing it and driving it around.

Cool eBay Find #151


Crazy prices at ACA

I go to a lot of auctions, and I’m not unused to some cars going for extraordinary prices, but today at Anglia Car Auctions was a whole new level. The auction started off with a huge crowd (though not as many cars as usual) but that crowd didn’t last all the way through. Continue reading “Crazy prices at ACA”

Internet Find #75

The e24 generation 6-series is a fantastic looking car and is only going better as it ages. This one doesn’t look too tidy and it isn’t the cheapest car for sale at £12,500 but it does look to be a low mileage example at just under 75,000 miles, where most are over 100,000. Continue reading “Internet Find #75”

YouTube #6

I haven’t watched a huge amount of ‘Harry’s Garage’ videos but I do like his presenting style, and will certainly be watching more. I love the Jaguar XJS (if you hadn’t already guessed), and this colour has got to be one of my favourites, especially on a Pre HE car, which, to me, just has a real style to it that becomes something different in later cars. This is a great video, and well worth a watch.


Cool eBay Find #150

There are a lot of Capris for sale at any time, though few look to be in as nice a condition as this one, and it’s harder to find a square headlight (mk2) model, though I prefer the mk3 myself. I love an X-Pack car, I just think they look so cool, even more so than the standard car. This is a 3.0S model so it’s top of the range too, and harder to find than a 2.8i. It’s currently bid up to £13,400 so it doesn’t look like a bad deal either.

Cool eBay Find #150