Petrolhead Homewares

How cool are these furniture pieces made from old car parts? These are pretty popular and you can see them at most shows, though for sky high prices! Continue reading “Petrolhead Homewares”


Cool eBay find #28

I love a tastefully modified classic and this Cortina definitely fits the bill, with a lovely period aesthetic. The amount of money that has been spent on this car is surely incredible, and you can find a full list in the advert. I always like it when the owner seems to be happy to chat about their car, as its always nice to have a conversation with another enthusiast, especially when the owner is also the person who built the car and can tell you all about it. This pre airflow Cortina may be the next best thing to a Lotus Cortina, and that is really saying something.

Cool eBay find #28

Internet Spot #1

On Internet Spots I’ll be focussing on all the non eBay listings I see online – since there are so many cool cars out there – plus they tend to last a little longer than the average eBay listings. For the first spot I’ve gone for this gorgeous Porsche 968 Sport – its not a Clubsport like my recent eBay spot but the colour of this is just exceptional. Continue reading “Internet Spot #1”

Cool eBay find #26

Now you could be forgiven for thinking this Ford Puma is just another chavved up Ford owned by an 18 year old who spends their Saturday nights in a McDonald’s car park. Continue reading “Cool eBay find #26”