Auction Spot #60: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Competizione

Very few cars have the timeless prettiness of the Alfa Romeo 105, and it can be argued that brand specialist Alfaholics have improved upon the aesthetics of this car as well as the mechanicals. Continue reading “Auction Spot #60: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Competizione”


Auction Spot #24

I didn’t know that Brightwells had an auction today so these auction finds may be a little last minute again. I’ve decided to start off with this lovely Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce, as its right at the top of the list and I have a soft spot for Alfa 105s. Continue reading “Auction Spot #24”

Internet Find #43

I used to really dislike boxy cars and think that it was a low effort way of designing. Now however, cars like this Alfa Romeo 164 Cloverleaf QV really appeal to me. This is a fantastic retro car which would never fail to make me smile if I saw it on the road. Continue reading “Internet Find #43”

Cool eBay Find #71

#71 is proper retro-gorgeousness, and definitely the kind of car I wouldn’t get bored looking at. Perhaps this Alfetta GTV6 isn’t the prettiest car you’ve ever seen but it certainly is striking. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #71”

Internet Find #8

Alfa Romeo have built some fantastic cars over the years – and some pretty terrible ones too (they’re normally the ones everyone remembers). Whether they are good or bad they remind people of how passionate a car can be. Continue reading “Internet Find #8”

Internet Find #6

If you’re looking to buy an Alfa Romeo you might as well buy a project because it won’t run anyway right? Personally I’ve had very little trouble with Alfa Romeos and much more trouble with other ‘more reliable’ brands. This 2600 Sprint looks to be a good basis for restoration even if only for the fact that its not a complete rot box and seems to be all there. Continue reading “Internet Find #6”

Cool eBay find #32

Most petrolheads I know love a hot hatch, and one with bulging arches, a bright paint job and a loud exhaust definitely fits the bill. This Alfa 147 GTA is fitted with a 3.2 Busso V6 and a manual gearbox – and if you haven’t heard one of these then you should definitely try Youtube as the possibility of seeing one on the road is very low. Apparently a good rule of thumb for one of these is to budget spending up to £1000 per year on maintenance and up keep (come on, it IS an Alfa after all). That wouldn’t put me off personally, if the looks don’t do it for you then the sound definitely should! It was originally listed for a shade under £10k and is now listed for £9,250, so who knows there might even be more money to save.

Cool eBay find #32