YouTube #15: Alpine A110 exhaust

Here’s a little clip that allows you to hear just what the new Alpine A110 sounds like at idle (and with a little revving). It sounds even nicer in the cabin when under load.



Auction Spot #2

COYS are a very well known name in the classic car market, and have been auctioning any desirable cars for decades. Their next auction is tomorrow (Tues. 17th October 2017) in London with some nice cars on offer and even some reasonable guides too! Continue reading “Auction Spot #2”

Renault Alpine Ad banned by the ASA – but listen to how glorious it sounds!

I’ve seen online over the last couple of days that this Renault Alpine advert has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency with a fair few complaints, most likely for ‘promoting dangerous driving’. Continue reading “Renault Alpine Ad banned by the ASA – but listen to how glorious it sounds!”

Cool eBay Find#36

I’m a big fan of old Renaults, and this looks so cool it almost hurts. This is no ordinary Alpine, it’s a Turbo Le Mans Alpine of which only 26 were built (this is No.9). It is a bit of a mess and needs a lot of love, the interior is pretty gross and so is the rest of the car but that hasn’t put people off of bidding up a storm to £13,200 with 20 hours to go. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find#36”