Cool eBay Find #154

A Mustang Fastback is iconic ‘cool car’, and you rarely see them at this sort of price, even when in project form. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #154”


Internet Find #76

I find that quite a lot of classic cars can be an ongoing project, as there is always something that needs doing or that you want to do. The owner of this Cadillac Coupe DeVille describes it as a reliable rolling project that you can use and improve upon. I think it looks pretty special, and just look at all of that chrome work! Depending on how you like your car you could also modify it or hot rod it.

Internet Find #76

Cool eBay Find #151

This find isn’t a bargain and it isn’t another car you could just drive away after you’ve bought it, and it certainly isn’t a small project. This monster 1941 Cadillac Series 64 Fastback is just waiting to be made beautiful again, and you can see that this once was a truly lovely looking car. Personally I think 1941 brought many beautiful American cars and they drive in a lovely way too. You could either restore this car to stock, hot rod it, or rat rod it, though to me ratrodding this beauty would be a great waste. It’s £12,500 so it isn’t the cheapest American project you can find for sale, but just imagine completing it and driving it around.

Cool eBay Find #151

Internet Find #72

A father and son project is a fantastic thing, and something that doesn’t happen often enough. The write up for this find is quite nice, and I really like at the bottom how the son says to call him up and have a chat about it, and that people are more than welcome to go out for a spin in the car, because they’re car guys too. We need more people like that, so kudos to you if you ever read this. This Studebaker is the sort of car that can easily divide opinions, but I think it looks fantastic and I like that the modifications aren’t extreme. The advert lists a brief spec which goes as follows:

– Rodline front clip, IFS with coil overs, rack n pinion steering.
– Small block Chevy with L98/ZZ4 Ali heads, comp cam roller rockers, Pertronix ignition, MSD 6AL, Power Master mini starter.
– Built TH700R4, shift kit, red clutches, Vette servo, 2400 stall converter, SFI flex plate.
– New HD propshaft by JW engineering
– Narrowed Ford 8.8, 31 spline 3.73 LSD rear end with discs
– Ron Francis wiring loom, Vintage air heater, Tilt column with Billet steering wheel
– Less than 10K on the clock since rebuild

Its important to point out that the car has been built as a daily driver and the list of works goes much beyond whats been listed here, and the owner reckons that the spend is around £45k!

They replaced the doors, bonnet and boot with panels from a mint 50s example as the previous owner has modified the ones that this came with. The panels are completely original and the boot and bonnet have just been resprayed in Jaguar Antigua Blue (which looks fantastic). The car might or might not need respraying depending on how you like your cars, but its worth noting that the seller does describe the paintwork as patchy, but its one of those things you’d have to judge when you saw it.

The way this ad is written makes it worth reading, and easily adds it to the list of ‘cars I really want to/need to/must buy’.

Internet Find #72

Cool eBay Find #118

I think I’ve actually seen a Ford Ranchero in the metal all of once or twice, they’re not the most popular of American pick ups but I think this one has quite a nice aesthetic. I don’t doubt it would be difficult to sell if you’re the sort who gets bored of a car quickly but for under £9,000 you’re getting a lot of car. I’m not sure if anyone who actually buys it would actually use it as a pick up or more as something fun to drive and to go to shows in but that is fun too. I think I’ve seen this one up for sale for a while too so there might be a deal to be had with the seller, who knows!

Cool eBay Find #118

Cool eBay Find #117

People having a great car but shoddy photographs of it can be something of a bug bear for me. This beautiful Chevelle is a great example of that, as only one of the eleven photos on the listing actually shows the car in its entirety. There isn’t much by way of a description either, just that it’s a matching numbers car and that the owner doesn’t want his time wasted.Unfortunately it would take quite a lot more for me to stump up anywhere near £22k, even if it is for a stunner like this. You can find the listing at the link and make your own mind up.

Cool eBay Find #117

Cool eBay Find #108

Some people love a tribute car, and I don’t normally count myself among them. I couldn’t keep track of the amount of times I’ve rolled my eyes at yet another General Lee – those cars should have their own character. This Ford Galaxie however pays homage to the car raced by Dan Gurney in the 1963 Daytona 500 NASCAR race. Apparently all that is needed to complete the look is big zeros on the roof and doors. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #108”