Cool eBay Find #160

I’m a fan of VW Beetles, so long as they’re done in the correct way, and this one certainly looks to be. Its a 1600 engine but with a turbo added on for a very pleasant power hike. Apparently it has a basic form of water injection which certainly isn’t something you see everywhere! I think the colour suits it personally and the ride height is also adjustable too to complete the look. The driver’s seat is ripped but a fairly easy fix, and there are a few other small issues as with any classic cars. The auction has a starting bid of £6,000 with no bids, so perhaps there is a chance for a bargain after the auction has ended.

Cool eBay Find #160


Internet Find #23

Every petrolhead should try and own a VW Beetle at least once in their life. They’re simple cars (which means not a huge amount can go wrong and they’re easier to fix) and can have a huge amount of individual character and charm which really is a fantastic thing to experience – its a car that can become part of your family. Continue reading “Internet Find #23”

Cool eBay Find #77

This has got to be one of the biggest bargains you could have found online when compared to the huge amount of work and money that has gone into building this custom build Beetle. Looking at the photos it really isn’t a Beetle anymore, especially since it’s had a Skyline engine heart transplant. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #77”

Cool eBay find #34

The set up of this Beetle is excellent, its not too modified and doesn’t lose that Beetle charm though I do feel there may be a paint issue lurking somewhere. Its a great colour though and really sets the wheels off. The roof lining needs replacing but thats not the most expensive thing to do. I think its probably priced a little high if there are other problems but just imagine driving this little beauty down to the seaside on a sunny day. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

Cool eBay find #35

Internet Find #3

I love a Beetle, and I think this one is both a beauty and a bargain. Beetles have the ability to be so individual and also a fantastically happy and characterful car. That being said, the best part of this ad has to be the fact that the owner has blocked out their cat’s eyes to protect its identity as well as the cars! This Beetle has been reduced to £3,600 which could suggest that there may be even bigger savings to be had. Apparently this car has been restored and is in very good condition because of it. I’ve already got a beetle or I would be on my way to view it right now!

Internet Find #3

Cool eBay find #18

This time its another Beach Buggy, though perhaps a more stylish one than the last. This one also benefits from being a low mileage car on a recently uprated engine (not that you’ll ever use one of these to do serious mileage anyway). Continue reading “Cool eBay find #18”