Cool eBay find #159

I do love a fast Ford, and recently I’ve had a hankering for a mk1 Escort, but finished in the right way. This little RS2000 replica popped up on eBay a couple of days ago and as you can see from the bidding I’m not the only one who is a big fan of it. Bidding currently stands at over £20,000 with over 5 days to go. This replica looks like it was built from a nice car too as it doesn’t appear the mounts have been plated as is common with these. The Zetec engine fitted may not be to everyone’s taste but I think its a great choice and looks to suit the car well also. The five speed box and LSD should also provide some entertainment for whoever manages to buy it. I look forward to seeing how much this actually does make in the end though.

Cool eBay find #159

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Auction Spot #60: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Competizione

Very few cars have the timeless prettiness of the Alfa Romeo 105, and it can be argued that brand specialist Alfaholics have improved upon the aesthetics of this car as well as the mechanicals. Continue reading “Auction Spot #60: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Competizione”

Auction Spot #57

Another spot at the COYS auction on Saturday is this Saab 99 Turbo, which is something of an icon car. The guide price £9,000-£12,500 with a clever quote nearby that states how you cannot put a price on the thrill that driving a 99 Turbo provides.  Continue reading “Auction Spot #57”

Auction Spot #54

I’ve owned a BMW 2002 but not a 1502 so I couldn’t tell you what the lower powered model is like to drive but they are a lovely place to be, with only slim pillars that give the car a feeling similar to that of a greenhouse, providing fantastic visibility (even if compromising safety in the process). Continue reading “Auction Spot #54”

Auction Spot #52

I can’t even remember seeing a Corona in the flesh but there is something about it that I do quite like, it is a pretty car because of its slight ugliness. According to the listing this is a 21,000 mile car that was imported from Japan last year and has a service book to back up that very low mileage. Considering that low mileage I don’t think the guide of £7k-£9k could really be viewed as high and I really doubt that you would see another one out on the road. You can view the listing by following the link below.

Auction Spot #52

Auction Spot #50

#50 is one of my favourite cars, and I’ve had a few of them and can easily say that they are worth owning and that you should ignore most of the bad press that these cars get. It is true that they can have their issues and can suffer from some reliability issues but like any old car regular use is normally enough to stave off a lot of problems. This car could also be a potential investment car, even though the guide price is well above what you would normally pay for a V12 HE XJ-S. This is a genuine 35,000 mile car, and you don’t come across those often. It is also well specified in one of my favourite colours for an XJ-S which really shimmers in the sunlight. Unsurprisingly the car has been garaged for a long period of time and I would want confirmation that the mileage is genuine and therefore make the paperwork my first stop before viewing the car, as that is the only thing that really guarantees the mileage. The positive is that the current owner has spent over £9,000 to recommission the car, though keep in mind it is still worth checking that they haven’t missed anything whilst doing so. I think Morris Leslie are being optimistic with the guide price but it all does depend on the condition of the car and the buyers on the day.

Auction Spot #50