Auction Spot #48

Fast Fords have been among the heavy hitters at auctions in recent years with prices soaring to the extreme. Continue reading “Auction Spot #48”


YouTube #7

I was at Brands Hatch on Sunday when this race took place, and was in the pits when it actually happened, and was therefore quite close to see the aftermath that included the doors being cut off, Rod Birley extracted on stretcher and what was left of the car being collected up. I was quite surprised so see so many people trying to photograph him at a point that no one even knew if he was conscious or how seriously injured he was. I was also surprised to see people letting their young children watch what was quite an unpleasant scene, though perhaps they were just shocked to see it so up close. Rod is something of a legend at Brands, with hundreds of race wins to his name in that Escort Cosworth, and hopefully we’ll see him back on track soon.

Cool eBay Find #98

I can’t believe I’m at nearly 100 eBay finds and haven’t yet featured a Mercedes 190e ‘Cosworth’, they’re one of my favourite cars and I love driving them. I saw this one and thought it looked very cheap for the condition and relative low mileage (around 120k), that was until I saw that it’s an auto. These cars are famed for their dogleg manual gearboxes and those are the most popular. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #98”

Cool eBay Find #88

This is another find for those people who have a lot of time and money on their hands that they don’t know what to do with, because this isn’t really a road car. I actually saw this Capri at the last Historics at Brooklands auction with a much higher guide that it obviously didn’t reach. If you listen really carefully you can hear Ford fans screaming in anguish at the fact that another Capri has been modified and at the price of it – though at just shy of £19k it’s a couple of grand cheaper than the Zakspeed Capri replica that’s also for sale. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #88”

Cool eBay find #26

Now you could be forgiven for thinking this Ford Puma is just another chavved up Ford owned by an 18 year old who spends their Saturday nights in a McDonald’s car park. Continue reading “Cool eBay find #26”