COYS ‘Spirit of Motoring’ October 2017

I went to the ‘Spirit of Motoring’ sale yesterday evening which featured a lot of my first Auction Spots and it was great to see them all in the flesh and see what they sold for. The yellow Ferrari auction spot wasn’t at the auction as it was withdrawn until the December auction. The auction wasn’t hugely attended but there were buyers online and on the phones. There were some real bargains including a couple of Ferrari 355s that sold for around £50k each, which is a lot less than you’ll find them for sale online. A few cars didn’t sell but a full list should be available on the Coys website soon.



Auction Spot #7

I was a bit surprised when I saw the auction listing for this car, not only is it incredibly well known online, but I’ve also seen it out on the road myself and can assure you that it is every bit as stunning as it looks in these photos. Continue reading “Auction Spot #7”

Auction Spot #6

Another beauty at the upcoming COYS auction is the beautiful Alfa Romeo Montreal, these are one of my top 10 all time favourite cars. These are just so stunning and catch my eye so easily when I see one at an auction or show, and this one doesn’t look like a bad price either with a guide of just £30k-£40k. Continue reading “Auction Spot #6”

Auction Spot #5

Another lovely car at the ‘Spirit of Motoring’ auction is this stunning Ferrari 355 Spider – with a rare manual gearbox no less. Its a LHD car which may put some British buyers off but you can’t deny that this car looks to be in lovely condition. Continue reading “Auction Spot #5”

Auction Spot #4

Surprise surprise, its another spot from the COYS auction. I can’t help it, there are just too many nice cars not to feature them. I actually never used to like the Aston Martin DB9 but they’ve grown on me a lot as the design has aged. Continue reading “Auction Spot #4”