YouTube #7

I was at Brands Hatch on Sunday when this race took place, and was in the pits when it actually happened, and was therefore quite close to see the aftermath that included the doors being cut off, Rod Birley extracted on stretcher and what was left of the car being collected up. I was quite surprised so see so many people trying to photograph him at a point that no one even knew if he was conscious or how seriously injured he was. I was also surprised to see people letting their young children watch what was quite an unpleasant scene, though perhaps they were just shocked to see it so up close. Rod is something of a legend at Brands, with hundreds of race wins to his name in that Escort Cosworth, and hopefully we’ll see him back on track soon.


Cool eBay Find #146

Sometimes buying a LHD car can make for a cheaper alternative or allow you to buy a better car than a RHD version for the same price, which is what I reckon is happening with this MK2 Escort. It’s an X-PAC car and really looks the part, with a good retro fast Ford vibe. It’s fitted with a 1760cc Kent engine with twin Dellorto carbs, along with a few other choice modifications I gather. It’s only listed for £13,000 too, probably with room for negotiation. It’s UK registered and it may well be a bargain for one Ford fan.

Cool eBay Find #146

Cool eBay Find #56

This eBay find is a complete car that is possibly a project too depending on your tastes – and maybe a little bit of a bargain too (it definitely is for the moment!). This MK1 Escort started off life as a 1100cc base model but has ended up as a RS2000 replica in a great colour combo. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #56”

How about this for a project?

I saw this on Facebook, and unfortunately no information with it. Social media is great for seeing people’s personal projects that they’ve been working on for years and this is no exception. The amount of time and money that must have gone into this must be huge, and its becoming the owner’s vision of an ideal Escort. I think they’re doing a fantastic job and I hope I get to see photos of it done at some point. It always makes me wish I had the skill and the time to commit to build something of my own but I don’t currently – maybe one day!