Cool eBay Find #163

This bruiser caught my eye very easily, I’ve got a soft spot for Galaxies and this is a real beauty, not to mention it has the ideal spec and condition. 1963 and a half with a 7.0 litre V8 attached to a manual gearbox and a switchable exhaust, this is the kind of car you feel in your chest as well as hear it. Its been built in recent years and it looks like someone has sunk a huge amount of time and money into this project. The car also has a great write up which explains exactly how the car was built and how it came from the factory too, and even better than that is that there is a couple of videos (which show the switchable exhaust brilliantly too). The buy it now price of just under £28,000 doesn’t seem at all unreasonable to me, for a car of this quality and specification you could easily pay a lot more (especially if you try and build it yourself!). Well worth looking at but you might have to try and get there before me…..

Cool eBay Find #163


Cool eBay Find #63

#63 is actually something I meant to post days ago but didn’t get round to it, and as a result it has now sold – and for quite a cheap price if you ask me. For just £15,600 someone has bought this gorgeous hot rod that has even graced the covers of magazines and is just so incredibly cool. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #63”

Cool eBay Find #38

I love a hot rod and this is certainly no exception. It’s nice to see one that doesn’t have a ludicrous price tag too! This particular car isn’t overdone but instead is quite tasteful (if hot rods are supposed to be such a thing). It was built off of a 1934 5 window sports sedan and is fitted with a 302 V8. It’s currently bid up to £12,500 with the reserve not met but that’s still a whole lot of car for your money!

Cool eBay Find #38