Cool eBay Find #164

A pre-HE Jaguar XJ-S is a lovely thing, and this one certainly could be with a lot of love (and bodywork!). With a current bid price of £1,550 this is a bit of a bargain considering it does run and drive (though the owner notes that the gearbox was sluggish when he last drove it). Its had two owners in the past 20 years and has just 83,000 miles on the clock, which is barely run in for one of these V12s. The car comes with its original cassette radio and Kent alloys, and had a few repairs during its time with the previous owner that include a new offside floor, offside outer sill and other repairs (mostly to the offside along the entire length for some reason). The car also comes with history and some period documentation which is very nice to have when it comes to resale.

Personally if I was taking on the project I would be seeing if the gearbox was worth sorting or just replacing, and then I might consider doing a manual conversion (which can really be transformative for an XJ-S). I’m curious to see how much this car sells for.

Please note that its important to view any car you’re interested in purchasing but the description on this one seems to be mixed up since the photos of the offside of the car have a fair bit of rot in them and there is only a limited amount of photos total.

Cool eBay Find #164

Auction Spot #50

#50 is one of my favourite cars, and I’ve had a few of them and can easily say that they are worth owning and that you should ignore most of the bad press that these cars get. It is true that they can have their issues and can suffer from some reliability issues but like any old car regular use is normally enough to stave off a lot of problems. This car could also be a potential investment car, even though the guide price is well above what you would normally pay for a V12 HE XJ-S. This is a genuine 35,000 mile car, and you don’t come across those often. It is also well specified in one of my favourite colours for an XJ-S which really shimmers in the sunlight. Unsurprisingly the car has been garaged for a long period of time and I would want confirmation that the mileage is genuine and therefore make the paperwork my first stop before viewing the car, as that is the only thing that really guarantees the mileage. The positive is that the current owner has spent over £9,000 to recommission the car, though keep in mind it is still worth checking that they haven’t missed anything whilst doing so. I think Morris Leslie are being optimistic with the guide price but it all does depend on the condition of the car and the buyers on the day.

Auction Spot #50

YouTube #6

I haven’t watched a huge amount of ‘Harry’s Garage’ videos but I do like his presenting style, and will certainly be watching more. I love the Jaguar XJS (if you hadn’t already guessed), and this colour has got to be one of my favourites, especially on a Pre HE car, which, to me, just has a real style to it that becomes something different in later cars. This is a great video, and well worth a watch.


Cool eBay Find #143

My last eBay Find was a bargain XJS that had low miles, this one is much more expensive (though still cheap) with very low miles and a great history to it. This car has had only two lady owners (which may have meant something when it was built but not so much anymore) but what is important is who the first of those lady owners was. The first owner was the wife of the founder of Janspeed Engineering, which is pretty incredible. The second owner was her sister, so it is a one family owned car that has very low mileage and is unrestored and very original apart from a couple of rare Janspeed additions. According to the listing the car has never been welded and is remarkably rust free, which is pretty impressive for one of these. The write up for the listing is absolutely fantastic and whoever wrote it has done a brilliant job of selling the car to me, I want it!

Cool eBay Find #143

Cool eBay Find #142

This is another potential eBay bargain, a low mileage V12 Jaguar XJS. The listing says the 57,000 miles is supported by the paperwork but that isn’t to say it’s perfectly confirmed by it so it’s worth checking. The car is in a nice colour combination of red paintwork (which has been resprayed in places) and cream interior which looks to be in good condition, though the driver’s carpet could use replacing (budget £100 for a set of front mats or £400 for a full carpet set). Apparently everything works fine apart from the air con which the owner reckons could just need recharging, I would lay money on this being an old system with a different (no longer available) refridgerant that would mean replacing the system and cost over £1k. The cruise control doesn’t work an the exhaust could be better (it doesn’t say what about the exhaust). All of this is costing just £2,500 at the moment, though the reserve isn’t met. Still worth a bid though!

Cool eBay Find #142

Auction Spot #40

I may have posted about owning a couple of XJS 3.6 manuals before, but neither are currently on the road (though I’ve driven one of them and it is a fast car). This one is in much better condition than either of mine and is very lovely indeed. Continue reading “Auction Spot #40”