Auction Spot #58 : COYS’ Vanquish S

#58 brings a new title format which lists the car and the auction too, hopefully drawing more people to read and also making it easier to find each individual mini article. As you can see this spot is a lovely 2005 Aston Martin Vanquish S with a very clever (if illegal) private number plate that is supposed to spell out ‘Bond’. Continue reading “Auction Spot #58 : COYS’ Vanquish S”


Auction Spot #55

This spot has no photos on the listing, but it is one that is well worth reading. When I think of ‘Turbo’ I often think ‘Porsche’ quite soon after. This is a 911 Turbo (996) which is presented with incredibly low mileage. Continue reading “Auction Spot #55”

Cool eBay Find #143

My last eBay Find was a bargain XJS that had low miles, this one is much more expensive (though still cheap) with very low miles and a great history to it. This car has had only two lady owners (which may have meant something when it was built but not so much anymore) but what is important is who the first of those lady owners was. The first owner was the wife of the founder of Janspeed Engineering, which is pretty incredible. The second owner was her sister, so it is a one family owned car that has very low mileage and is unrestored and very original apart from a couple of rare Janspeed additions. According to the listing the car has never been welded and is remarkably rust free, which is pretty impressive for one of these. The write up for the listing is absolutely fantastic and whoever wrote it has done a brilliant job of selling the car to me, I want it!

Cool eBay Find #143

Auction Spot #34

If you’re looking for a classic car that you can just stick in your garage and sit on for a few years and make a heap of money on then this is the car for you. If you know anything about the Jaguar XJS then you’ll have seen in recent times that they’ve lost their bad stigma and price have appreciated incredibly rapidly and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Continue reading “Auction Spot #34”

Internet Find #62

This may well be one of my favourite cars that I’ve ever found on the internet. I just cant help but think that this XJR-S is close to perfect. It is a special build model with unique features and is as near to new as you’re likely to find with one of these. This 6.0 car was first owned by Jaguar Cars Ltd from new, before being passed to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Collection in 1997. Continue reading “Internet Find #62”

Cool eBay Find #45

This eBay Find is more of a potential investment than a car most people would buy to drive. This Renault 5 GT Turbo looks to be in spectacularly original condition with the very low mileage of just over 28,000 – not often you come across one of those! Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #45”