Cool eBay find #161

Now on the surface of it this Mercedes doesn’t look like a cool eBay find, its very scruffy, a bit rusty and needs some paintwork done too. That said, it is a 560 SEC and those are getting very hard to find now, you’ll be waiting a while to find one. This one looks overpriced at £7,000 but it has been listed for a while so there is probably the potential for negotiation by now. The listing also states that the owner has a large collection of classic cars, makes me wonder what other interesting cars they have stashed away..

Cool eBay find #161

Cool eBay Find #157: Mercedes 600 SEL

Now this generation of Mercedes S-Class/CL certainly isn’t the prettiest they ever produced, but it does have its charms and it has double glazed windows which is a nice surprise the first time you open the door on one. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #157: Mercedes 600 SEL”

Auction Spot #47

This is yet another Mercedes at the Morris Leslie Classic Auction this Saturday, but one that is quite different to the previous two. This 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE really is a beauty that would make most of us stop and stare if we saw it out on the road. Continue reading “Auction Spot #47”

Auction Spot #45

This weekend is the first Morris Leslie Classic Auction of 2018, and there are certainly some cool cars up for grabs, but you will have to travel for them. Continue reading “Auction Spot #45”

Cool eBay Find #138

Isn’t it great when you’re able to buy a car that is completely incredible but know you won’t lose a huge amount of money on it because other people already have? This Mercedes CL600 must have had an original list price close to five times the value of the current asking price of £22,000, though the bid price is lower at £14,100. According to the listing the owner thinks this is one of the best cars he’s ever owned, and that includes Ferraris and Bentleys. He also says that the CL600 model was only build between 2007 and 2009 and there could have been less than 70 produced, which if true would make this incredibly rare and worth sitting on for a couple of decades. After reading on through the listing the car actually had a list price of over £140k! This is a real continent crusher that you could just keep and enjoy, plus if you put a private plate on it no one would guess that it’s a 10 year old car.

Cool eBay Find #138

Auction Spot #26

A classic Mercedes can be a lovely thing, especially when it looks as good as this R107 300SL does. It certainly isn’t the cheapest R107 that I’ve seen with a guide price of £17,000-£20,000 but if its as clean as it appears then it certainly isn’t a bad price, plus the colour certainly helps it along. Continue reading “Auction Spot #26”