Cool eBay Find #154

A Mustang Fastback is iconic ‘cool car’, and you rarely see them at this sort of price, even when in project form. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #154”


Cool eBay Find #121

I find American cars pretty great most of the time, and I’ve always wanted to own a Mustang, and especially a manual one. This find is described as a restomod Mustang and has a 302 V8 and a five speed manual gearbox, all good there. The stickers that cover most of it I would probably do away with unless it was only useable as a track day car as I prefer a cleaner aesthetic. If you look at the listing there have been a huge amount of parts swapped out and a huge amount of work done, with the owner describing it as a 99% new car and the cost at over £29k so far. The bidding is at £14k so far and I can see it going a lot further. 2% of the sale proceeds will go to a Cancer charity as the owner himself is just recovering from the disease, so there is even more reason to bid!

Cool eBay Find #121