Cool eBay Find #118

I think I’ve actually seen a Ford Ranchero in the metal all of once or twice, they’re not the most popular of American pick ups but I think this one has quite a nice aesthetic. I don’t doubt it would be difficult to sell if you’re the sort who gets bored of a car quickly but for under £9,000 you’re getting a lot of car. I’m not sure if anyone who actually buys it would actually use it as a pick up or more as something fun to drive and to go to shows in but that is fun too. I think I’ve seen this one up for sale for a while too so there might be a deal to be had with the seller, who knows!

Cool eBay Find #118


Cool eBay Find #105

I really like American pick up trucks, they just seem to have that cool vibe and image plus you can hot rod them or rat rod them and people don’t mind because you’ve been creative. The 50s Ford F100 is one of my favourites and I think that the shape of these is just stunning. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #105”

Cool eBay #30

American trucks are pretty cool – even if some of them can be pretty hard to sell. The rat rod ones can actually be incredibly artistic if built by the right person and with the right amount of time. These cars can tell a story of ownership and places, plus if you take it out and someone whacks it with their door in a car park it just adds to the character. This one is desirable as a step side and as a Chevy, I think there is a lot left to be done to make it even better but these are the kind of things that you never really finish. You could also go the other route and make this into a hot rod, imagine it with a red/blue flip paint or something equally jazzy. Mind you at £12,850 its a bit pricey and it didn’t hit £8k when under bidding so I can’t be the only one to think it.

Cool eBay #30