Cool eBay Find #158: Porsche 924 Turbo Project

Front engined Porsches are starting to get the recognition that we all know they deserved, and if you can find one with a ‘Turbo’ badge then you really could be in the money. This find is in pretty poor condition and is a bit strongly priced personally, but it does come with a spare parts car that you could really have some fun with as a second project. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #158: Porsche 924 Turbo Project”


Cool eBay Find #155: Clio Williams 2

Hot hatches can be among the most fun cars that you can drive. Cheap, cheerful, fast and with huge amounts of character there isn’t a lot that can beat them in the ‘fun’ category. I’ve always been a fan of fast Renaults too and this Clio Williams is no exception. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #155: Clio Williams 2”

Cool eBay Find #151

This find isn’t a bargain and it isn’t another car you could just drive away after you’ve bought it, and it certainly isn’t a small project. This monster 1941 Cadillac Series 64 Fastback is just waiting to be made beautiful again, and you can see that this once was a truly lovely looking car. Personally I think 1941 brought many beautiful American cars and they drive in a lovely way too. You could either restore this car to stock, hot rod it, or rat rod it, though to me ratrodding this beauty would be a great waste. It’s £12,500 so it isn’t the cheapest American project you can find for sale, but just imagine completing it and driving it around.

Cool eBay Find #151

Cool eBay Find #149

It is rare to find a project Aston Martin DBS like this one, which is why the bidding has gone so crazy on it (over £40k at the time I’m writing this). Judging by the photos of this car it doesn’t look to be in terrible shape, though of course it is when you take this car apart that you’ll know exactly how much work it needs. Apparently the car was last on the road in 1992, over 25 years ago now! The brakes don’t work, there is surface rust all the way around and a small amount of damage to the front left corner, so it certainly isn’t a wreck judging by that description. It would be lovely to see this beauty back on the road, and I’m sure that by then the prices will have sky rocketed again.

Cool eBay Find #149

Cool eBay Find #136

I think you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t know what the General Lee is, not only is it a famous car it’s a film icon. Funnily enough you can’t drive this one home, though the listing tells you that just in case you weren’t aware. It also needs welding but the engine runs when attached to a fuel supply so there is a positive. All tax and duties are paid and it is UK registered, which is always important to consider when buying a freshly imported US car. Chargers aren’t cheap but I think the £11k starting bid on this is definitely a stretch, and I’m not the only one as it’s had no bids yet with only a few days to go.

Cool eBay Find #136

Cool eBay Find #135

Oops, it’s another Porsche, I guess I should give up now. But it is a bargain. Under £600 for most of a 928! You’d have to find an interior and probably a lot of other parts but I’ve seen worse cars sell for more if this is as solid as it appears to be. I would love to get one of these and restomod it with the engine from a new Cayenne Turbo S, it would be incredible. Apparently the engine turns over but doesn’t run, so there is that too. Originally it was light blue (currently in primer) with a sunroof. If you were going to restore this car to the original specs you’d have to get a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity to clarify what it is supposed to look like. Made me chuckle that the listing says it needs an ‘interior refurb’….perhaps it needs a little more than that.

Cool eBay Find #135