Auction Spot #61: Lamborghini Urraco

The Urraco is probably one of the least known Lamborghinis, it wasn’t all that popular when it was produced and is now quite rare, with only 205 P300 examples like this one being built. Continue reading “Auction Spot #61: Lamborghini Urraco”


Internet Find #40

When I was first scrolling past this listing and saw the price I stopped and though ‘blimey, thats a bit steep’, before realising that this wasn’t any old Lotus Esprit V8. Instead this is an ultra rare Esprit Sport 350 V8, of which just 43 were built for the European market and this is No. 15. The interior is perhaps a little loud but this car is not for the shy and retiring type, its meant to be seen and heard. The mileage isn’t high at all with only 40,000 on the clock, and 16k of those were completed in the first three years of the car’s life (this is a 1999 car). This is a car you could turn up to any car meet in and be met with awe and surprise, you just don’t see cars like this on the road which is a shame. Its yet another car that I would love to own, though I’m not sure I like it enough to spend £54,995 on it, especially when I can get a beautiful standard V8 for less than £30k.

Internet Find #40

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Cool eBay Find #97

I think that this car is so rare and so special that the eBay listing for it has already ended as I’m writing this. I’m not sure a lot of people – even petrolheads – would recognise the Lotus 340R aside from the face that it’s a Lotus. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #97”

Cool eBay Find #91

This find is a little unusual, and most certainly rare. Land Rover Defenders have been modified many ways over to suit many different roles. This one played the part of a Fire Engine and is kitted out as such, with an extended wheelbase too by the looks of it. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #91”

Cool eBay Find #90

Tommi Makkinen is a legendary name, and the Evo that his name is attached to has also received a lot of publicity in recent months as it has become a modern classic. Values have started to rise and these cars have been featured in the likes of ‘modern classics’. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #90”

Cool eBay Find #73

Hot hatches are brilliant things, and Renault hot hatchs are even more brilliant. The Clio 182 Trophy is very well regarded and rare too, with only 500 built for the UK. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #73”